It's that time of year again!

The Field Elementary PTO is now accepting self-nominations for the 2023-2024 school year PTO Executive Board. Elections will be held at the final PTO meeting on May 10th. Our goal is to see that every parent has a voice on our PTO and is given the chance to become actively involved in enriching the educational opportunities at our school.



  • President
  • 1st VP - Programs
  • 2nd VP- Parental Involvement
  • 3rd VP - Fundraising
  • 4th VP - Communications
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Parliamentarian
  • Booster Sales Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator Chair
  • After School Program Liaison
  • Fine Arts Program Liaison
  • Hospitality Chair
  • Campus Improvement Chair


  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of the PTO
  • Act as liaison between parents and Principal/staff
  • Recruit PTO Board Members
  • Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTO Board and General meetings
  • Create a mailing for all incoming Field parents
  • Collaborate with Principle to create annual school calendar
  • Collaborate with Board to create yearly budget


1st VP, Programs:

  • Coordinate PTO participation for school events
  • Review and sign bank statements
  • Attend Board and General meetings
  • Take President position if he/she is not available


2nd VP, Parental Involvement:

  • Coordinate PTO Membership awareness
  • Act as liaison between Room Parents and the Board
  • Represents Room Parents at all Board and General meetings
  • Attend Board and General Meetings


3rd VP, Fundraising:

  • Coordinate and execute Fall Fundraiser event, recruiting volunteers
  • Advertise ongoing fundraiser campaigns
  • Monitor results of fundraisers; align fundraising objectives and strategies with Field’s budgetary needs and research other fundraising opportunities as required
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings

4th VP, Communications:

  • Maintains PTO Website & Social Media Accounts
  • Prepares pieces for publications, when needed
  • Coordinates email alerts on behalf of the PTO
  • Coordinates communications with the School Administrator for Class Dojo
  • Updates school marquee


  • Collaborate with the PTO President to generate the annual budget.
  • Pay bills and reimbursements, as required
  • Oversee ongoing PTO finances, ensure adherence to PTO budget
  • Prepare and present budget to PTO Board and General meetings
  • Attend Board and General Meetings
  • Coordinate Petty Cash boxes
  • Manage Square acct


  • Takes minutes at the PTO Board and General Meetings, types them and distributes in a timely fashion (including to webmaster)
  • Owns the action item list
  • Sets agendas for the Board and General Meetings
  • Sends reminder emails to the board with the meeting agenda and previous meetings’ notes
  • Maintains the PTO Google Drive and Google Calendar
  • Liaison with the Field Elementary Secretary staff



  • Keep order and ensure that proper procedures are followed at each meeting
  • Has a legal background with complete knowledge and understanding of the Bylaws
  • Responsible for understanding the HISD rules and requirements for PTO/PTAs, and ensuring that the PTO acts in accordance with those rules


Booster Sales Chair

  • Maintains PTO Spirit wear inventory and online storefront
  • Ensures spirit wear is delivered
  • Places main order for upcoming school year
  • Manages spirit sales at PTO events and/or schedules pop up shops
  • Determine when and if a restock is necessary


Volunteer Coordinator Chair

  • Responsible for obtaining volunteers via Signup Genius
  • This includes monitoring the status of volunteer signups and reporting to the event owner
  • If necessary, attend functions where volunteers are present
  • Respond to volunteer questions in a timely manner
  • Finds relationships with local organizations to partner volunteers
  • Attend monthly Board meetings

After School Program Liaison

  • Responsible for curating an equitable and engaging afterschool program with the school
  • Liaison between Field Staff afterschool managers and PTO
  • Develops budget estimate for After School Program costs to the PTO
  • Creates communications to provide to the VP – Communications.


Fine Arts Program Liaison

  • Responsible for curating an arts program for the elementary students
  • Liaison between the arts teachers and the PTO
  • Develops the budget estimate for Arts Program costs to the PTO
  • Creates communications to provide to the VP-Communications

Hospitality Chair

  • Develops and executes staff appreciation events on a regular basis
  • Liaison between Librarian /PE Teacher and PTO
  • Develops the budget for Library and PE costs to the PTO
  • Responsible for Staff Appreciation week


Campus Improvement Chair

  • Responsible for developing plans for future campus improvements
  • Organizes Field Workdays
  • Develops the campus improvement budget to the PTO

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We are already looking forward to an amazing 2023-2024 school year!