Welcome to the Field of Dreamers Garden Club! 

We are a parent-led program leading the initiative to build more gardens at Field Elementary and implement an educational gardening program for the students. 

The children learn how to maintain a garden bed, grow their own food and flowers, tend to the Earth, attract pollinators, and most importantly, have fun connecting with nature during the school day. 

Field of Dreamers is powered by volunteers! Garden Club class is three times a week.

Carissa Sullivan coordinated grades: SPED Pre-K, Kinder & 1st grade - Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ebony Porter coordinates 2nd grade. 


☀️Field of Dreamers Garden Club☀️ 

Leads our vision to beautify the grounds of 🌻 Field Elementary through the design and planting of native butterfly 🦋 and pollinator gardens. 🐝 Pollinators are vital to creating and maintaining the habitats and ecosystems that many animals rely on for food and shelter. Our focus is on planting natives 🌱, as they better withstand drought and are more insect and disease resistant. Plus, they’re beautiful! 


🌻 Lesson Plans 2023-24

Get Involved!!

Volunteer: Beginner gardeners are welcomed!

We have a lot of parents learning about gardening as we go. And we always need extra hands corralling the kids! Any time that you can give on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8am - 1pm would be greatly appreciated!


Skills: Do you build, or propagate plants yourself? We would love to utilize your expertise… and plants. With a small budget, every little bit – and seedling – helps us grow this program for our kids! 


Donate: Donating specifically to the Garden Club ensures we have continued funds for planting, garden maintenance, take home projects, seasonal garden additions and more. Send monetary donations by Zelle to fieldespto.treasurer@gmail.com, specifying use for "Field Garden Club".  


Connect: Do you know a garden expert? Put them in touch with us! We’d love to bring in garden experts to speak to our children directly. You can also help by finding grants and connecting us with donors or volunteers in our community!



Contact: Field Elementary Garden Club Leads: Ebony and Carissa. Let's grow together!  

Carissa Sullivan (SpED, PreK, Kinder & 1st) fieldESgardenclub@gmail.com

Ebony Porter (2nd grade) fieldgardenclub@gmail.com 


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Field of Dreamers Garden Club 🌱

Field Elementary School
Carissa and Ebony, Garden Club Leads
Carissa - PreK, Kinder, 1st grade, SPED
Ebony - 2nd grade


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